Our mission at Ibai Gorria S.A.C.  is to bring niche World Wide boutique wines to South America. We aim to introduce our audience to unique wine experiences, setting aside the usual commercial brands. Constantly seeking new wines and innovative expressions in the industry, we enrich our catalog with fresh offerings. Primarily, we distribute our products within the HoReCa sector, ensuring that both businesses and individuals have access to an entirely new selection of wines.

Señorio de Villarrica Winery

How It All Started

Living in Europe for many years we decided to democtraize the world of European wine in South America and we started with our home Country Peru. We identified a niche opportunity of bringing high quality wines that were very well known in Europe but not present in the Peruvian market, along their varieties of different grapes and wine making techniques we came up with a special portfolio of brands we could offer our clients and partners that were unlike anything other in the Market.


From Natural to Classic wines we offer a big portfolio of interesting and new selection of wines that the market has not scene. Through our marketing initiatives and strategy we aim to position this brands as high quality wines, however they not necessarily translate in High price, therefore democrtazing the pleasure of drinking good wine without the need of paying a big ticket.

Our Method
  • We travel around the globe looking for the best wine reference and opportunities to introduce into the market, from small to medium producers.
  • Yearly we travel through many countries around the world (mostly Europe) looking for authentic intakes in wine making, different grape varieties and interesting vinification processes that can cater with the Peruvian scene (restaurants, hotels and B2C).
  • Stage 1: identify the region and key producers: In this stage we will visit the winery talk to the owner directly to discover his/her intake in the wine they’re making. We will taste different wines and through our first round of sommeliers we will choose the wines we think they fit best.


  • Stage 2: First tasting committee in Madrid, will then re-taste the wines and do a re-selection process from the wine chosen at the winery.


  • Stage 3: Final Committee in Peru: This will be that most important filter in our wine selection: This committee is constituted to buy sommeliers, chefs, wine masters, and they will do a tasting in which note will be taken and proceed to the final selection of the wines. It’s common that in this stage wines will be already sold to certain restaurants clients awaiting the shipment.
  • To introduce our wines into the market, we conduct thorough market research to understand consumer preferences, trends, and competitors.


  • Develop a strong brand identity with compelling storytelling that emphasizes the unique qualities of our wines. Our robust distribution strategy involves partnering with reputable HORECA partners, own online sales channels and company own wine bar to introduce the wine at different sale channels.


  • Implement a comprehensive marketing plan, utilizing social media, email marketing, and events and collaborations to generate interest. Educating sales teams, distributors, and retailers about our products ensures effective promotion.


  • Engage with customers through loyalty programs, feedback surveys, and personalized communication to foster brand loyalty.


  • Finally, we continuously monitor and adjust our strategies based on market feedback to keep our offerings fresh and aligned with market trends. By following these steps, we aim to establish a strong market presence and build a thriving business.

Our Services

Ofrecemos Soluciones Integrales para Potenciar tu Marca, Facilitar la Distribución y Optimizar la Exportación.

Brand and Marketing Management

Our brand and marketing management service focuses on creating a strong brand identity for niche wines and effectively promoting them in the Peruvian market. We develop compelling brand stories, design attractive packaging, and create targeted marketing campaigns.

Utilizing social media, influencer partnerships, and wine tasting events, we generate buzz and engage with consumers to build brand recognition and loyalty.

HORECA + Distribution Channels

We specialize in distributing wines through the HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants, and Cafés) channel, ensuring that our niche wines reach high-end establishments in Peru.


Our dedicated team works closely with top-tier hotels, fine dining restaurants, and exclusive cafés to provide them with a curated selection of unique wines.


Additionally, we manage an online wine e-commerce platform and operate our own wine bar and retail store, offering multiple sales channels to reach a broader audience and enhance accessibility to our premium wine selection.

Wine Broker - Export & Logistics

As a wine broker, we focus on importing niche wines into Peru, handling the complex logistics and ensuring compliance with all necessary licenses and regulatory requirements.


We work with wineries around the world to bring exceptional wines to the Peruvian market, ensuring they meet all local import regulations.


Additionally, we offer solutions for any enterprise in Peru to bring in wines of their preference or special requests, providing a personalized service to meet specific needs and preferences.


Our expertise in import licensing allows us to seamlessly manage the process, providing our clients with a diverse and high-quality selection of international wines.

Our Brands

Descubre la Excelencia y Variedad de Nuestros Vinos, Cada Botella una Experiencia Única.

Señorio de Villarrica

Wineries Bodegas Villarrica Manor belongs to a family of winegrowers and winemakers QDORioja, traditionally settled in the heart of the Rioja Alta in San Asensio, where they carefully cultivating its 110 Ha. Old vines


Montebaco, from its beginnings, has always had a clear vocation: to produce high-quality aged wines, where aging in oak barrels is an essential stage, blending fruit and wood.

Bodega Ochoa

Ochoa, La primera bodega española en desarrollar un proyecto de I+D. Las variedades cultivadas son las tintas Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Graciano, Garnacha, Merlot, Moscatel, Viura y Chardonnay.


Tr3smano se ubica en la Ribera del Duero en la Milla de Oro, Valladolid. Viñedos plantados con Tempranillo o Tinta del país (Tinta fina). La prioridad es producir solo uvas de gran calidad, con una maduración óptima.


Galardonada por segunda vez como mejor Bodega en Arte y Cultura, Bodegas Valdelana se encuentra en Elciego, cuna del vino de Rioja. La Familia Valdelana lleva 14 generaciones elaborando vino. 

Pago de Cirsus

Pago de Cirsus elabora vinos 100% de viñedo o finca de la más alta calidad. Viñedo de 136 hectáreas con uvas Tempranillo, Merlot, Syrah, Moscatel de Grano Menudo, Chardonnay y Sauvignon Blanc.

Manuel Quintano

Los hermanos Quintano revolucionaron la elaboración de vinos en España con la técnica desconocida del envejecimiento en barrica del Tempranillo. Visionarios de Rioja, adelantándose 100 años a su tiempo


Tr3smano se ubica en la Ribera del Duero en la Milla de Oro, Valladolid. Viñedos plantados con Tempranillo o Tinta del país (Tinta fina). La prioridad es producir solo uvas de gran calidad, con una maduración óptima.

Finca Sobreño

Tr3smano se ubica en la Ribera del Duero en la Milla de Oro, Valladolid. Viñedos plantados con Tempranillo o Tinta del país (Tinta fina). La prioridad es producir solo uvas de gran calidad, con una maduración óptima.


Situado en Burgos y Valladolid, combinan la tradición centenaria con técnicas más modernas de vinificación. En Burgos, la bodega es reconocida internacionalmente por sus excepcionales vinos tintos, joven y crianza.

Tres Reyes

Tres Reyes, vinos típicos Españoles que resuman el estilo de vida de España, con una fragancia e intensidad en un equilibrio perfecto. Desde 1993 buscamos continuamente la “Excelencia Made in Spain” .

Bella Conchi

Bella Conchi es un Cava moderno y elegante que expresa lo mejor que España puede ofrecer y es un homenaje a una mujer que inspiró a muchos con su distinción y que amaba los vinos espumosos de calidad.

Quinta Da Alorna
Quinta da Alorna

Quinta da Alorna, fundada por D. Pedro de Almeida, está situada cerca de Santarém, en la orilla sur del río Tajo. Destaca por sus vinos de calidad y sus espacios agrícolas, forestales y naturales.

Quinta das Arcas
Quinta das Arcas

Founded in the early eighties by Esteves Monteiro following a deep work of restructuration of the family vineyards. After 1985 they bottled the first wines, putting on the market the first Arca Nova wines


The vinicultural heritage of the Baracchi extends over an area of 32 hectares approx 80 acres, spread across four distinct locations, all located within the Denomination of Origin (DOC) Cortona. This territory, known for years for its predisposition to excellent viticulture

Feudi di San Gregorio

Feudi di San Gregorio representa el renacimiento enológico del sur de Italia, redescubriendo los sabores mediterráneos. Fomenta variedades de uva como Aglianico, Fiano di Avellino y Greco di Tufo, invirtiendo en la tierra y la tradición vinícola centenaria de Irpinia. 

Campo Alle Comete

El cuartel toscano de Feudi di San Gregorio, en el prestigioso Bolgheri, es una inversión del grupo desde 2013. Consciente de la rica filosofía vitivinícola local, busca asimilar y compartir esta riqueza a través de maravillosos vinos.

Bindi Sergardi

Desde 1349 esta familia se ha escrito en las páginas más gloriosas del vino italiano. Cuentan con tres estados privilegiados, Mocenni, I Colli y Marcianella, situados en distintas zonas de la Toscana. Su selección presume de algunas de las referencias más top de la región.

Domaine Martin

Situado en Plan de Dieu , entre Châteauneuf-du-Pape y Gigondas. Contribuyendo a la reputación de Côtes du Rhône Villages, nuestro Domaine Martin le ofrece auténticos vinos cuya AOC marca la calidad. 

Domaine Reynaud

A dos pasos del Puente del Gard, Domaine Reynaud, dirigido por Luc Reynaud, se sitúa en el Ducado de Uzès. Sus viñedos en Saint-Siffret y Saint-Hippolyte-de-Montaigu cultivan diversas variedades en suelos favorables. 

Chateau Taussin

Vinos clasicos y estructurados, dominados por Cabernet Sauvignon del Médoc, hasta los destacados Merlot de Pomerol y Saint-Emilion, pasando por tintos y blancos de Graves. La histórica región vinícola de Burdeos lo tiene todo.

Maison Ventenac

Ubicada en Cabardès, la Maison Ventenac tiene 130 hectáreas de viñedos. Alejados del lujo, buscamos que el vino sea accesible para todos. Preferimos las añadas monovarietales por su pureza y autenticidad. 

Weingut Robert Weil

Los vinos de esta bodega han acompañado las comidas y cenas de emperadores y reyes europeos, que encontraron en esta Riesling un buen compañero de los tintos bordeleses. Hoy es Wilhelm Weil, bisnieto del fundador, el encargado de gestionar la bodega.

Claus Preisinger

Claus Preisinger has been making wine on the north shore of Lake Neusiedl in the Burgenland town of Gols since 2002. He converted the vineyards and winery to biodynamic production in 2006, and is Respekt Biodyn certified. Claus vinifies mostly domestic grape varieties such as Blaufränkisch, Zweigelt, Grüner Veltliner and St. Laurent,  supplemented by Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc.  He ages many of his wines in amphora rather than wooden barrels, which he views as a conscious step back, a reduction to the essential – the grape and the soil. Reduction, minimalism and a free spirit are the guiding themes of Claus Preisinger.


Tyrnavos, located in the foothills of Mount Olympus, the seat of the mythical Greek gods, has for centuries been one of the main wine producing regions of Greece and since 1990 when it was established is part of the PGI Tyrnavos viticultural area. Today, Ktima Zafeirakis (Domaine Zafeirakis) owns and cultivates more than 12 hectares planted with indigenous Greek varieties, like Limniona and Malagousia, and international selections, like Chardonnay and Syrah.


A principios del año 1900, un motivado joven de veinte años, Prudencio Paz-Soldán, llega al valle de Vítor, en el sur del Perú, a trabajar en la oficina de la estación de tren del pueblo. Histórica bodega de el siglo XVII.

Labrador de Magollo

Fundada en el 2010, ubicada en la zona de Magollo, Tacna. Bodega familiar, dirigida por el productor Paul Arana y asesorada por el enólogo Franz Espinoza. Ganadora de Medalla de Oro, en el Concurso Nacional del Vino.


La bodega se encuentra a 85 kilómetros de la ciudad de Arequipa, los viñedos tienen una altitud de 1268 m.s.n.m, goza de una amplitud térmica muy marcada, teniendo en todo el año más de 12 horas de sol.


Estos vinos unen el concepto de Terroir y Single Vineyard buscando absorber lo mejor de lo que tenemos y lo que nos rodea, para disfrutarlos con todo su potencial y expresión. Localizado de Perdriel, es la fuente de nuestra pequeña producción , solo viñedo de Malbec , así como un super premium solo viñedo Blanc de Blancs.

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